2014 Lake Havasu recap – FLW Rayovac Western Series

I was recently at Lake Havasu for the first FLW Outdoors Western Rayovac Series event of 2014 this was my first tournament fishing as a professional. With the nice weather leading up to this event myself and many other anglers were thinking that the fishing was going to be on fire. Boy were we wrong! […]

Moving to the front of the boat – part 2

This is part two of the part two series on making the move from fishing as a co-angler to pro. The second part of this series is how the preparations between co-anglers and pro’s differ and what you need to do in order to make the switch. The preparation leading up to a tournament for […]

Moving to the front of the boat – part 1

Going from fishing as a co-angler to fishing as a “Pro” in tournaments is a big step. It is one that many co-angler’s wait for, for many years. Before they make the step from back deck to the pointy end, there are many things that you need to have and be able to do before […]

Spring Time Bass Fishing!

Fishing in the springtime is my favorite time of the year to fish! Spring is my favorite time to fish because the weather is starting to get nice, the fish are starting to move up shallow and they are starting to chomp on everything! This is part one of a two-part series on spring time […]

Arkansas River Recap

I fished the B.A.S.S. National College Championship presented by Carhartt about a month ago on the Arkansas River and Maumelle lake near Little Rock, Arkansas. Man was that tournament an eye opener for me on fishing different bodies of water and how they change day to day. We had 5 days of practice to fish […]

Getting ready for tournaments away from home

Getting ready for a tournament across the country is a very fun but nerve racking experience.  A lot of the time you are traveling to a lake or body of water that you have never been to and is many hundreds of miles away from your home lake or home town.  There are many things […]

Pickwick recap

The BOAT U.S. Collegiate fishing championship was on Pickwick Lake in Florence Alabama was one of most fun tournaments I have fished in yet at the college level. Boat U.S. treated all us anglers like kings while we were there! The tournament was on a set of two Tennessee River impoundments, Wilson Lake and Pickwick […]

Having an open mind when fishing

One the most important things that the best anglers in the world do while tournament fishing is having an open mind while fishing. Recently I fished a tournament in Florence Alabama on Pickwick and Wilson Lakes and my partner and I were told that fishing is much better on Pickwick lake and that it is […]

The importance of sharp hooks

You hear people always talking about having sharp hooks on your reaction baits such as crank baits, jerk baits and top water lures. You need to change the hooks on these types of baits regularly because you are banging them off of rocks and trees many times throughout a day of fishing and this will […]

Mark Walker – Season Update

We just had our 5th and final qualifying tournament of the year for the ASU fishing team. I had a very good year, it was my first year fishing as a boater, and I ended up in first place for angler of the year points. I had one 3rd place finish and four 2nd place […]